Stay Cool at Just Sizzlin' - City Vibe in Panglao!

Just Sizzlin' recently opened a new branch in Alona. It has a cool city vibe, which is rather unexpected on a beach island, but also very refreshing!

A two-story building with big glass windows, looking out on to the main street in Alona. Inside is a massive space with high ceilings and an industrial chic feel, very very cool inside if you are looking for somewhere to escape the heat. Decorated with modern artwork, it has a stylish bar and slick lounge area upstairs.

There is a wide selection of inviting dishes, with something for everyones taste buds. Honorable mentions are the Chicken Hinalang and the Spicy Korean Squid.  If you are planning to have steak, try to contact in advance to check availability as steaks are quite popular.

If you like a bar and restaurant with a quirky urban city type vibe, then Just Sizzlin' is the place to visit!

Just Sizzlin' - More Info | Facebook Page


Stay Cool at Just Sizzlin' - City Vibe in Panglao!

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