Bohol's Cool NEW Music Spot - GuitarWoodhouse Restobar

If you are looking for a unique place to eat and dine, the GuitarWoodhouse Restobar is your answer. You can find this place at Daorong, Danao, on Panglao Island. A very special music venue for Bohol's music artists. The building is shaped and structured like an actual guitar, which defines the place as a musical venue. You really have to visit it to believe it and see its true glory. They specialize in live music and have various artists performing every night.

They have selections of food and drinks to offer that you could enjoy whilst listening to music and good vibes. They serve beers, cocktails and siders. If you appreciate music, art, and dining, then you should definitely check this place

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Bohol's Cool NEW Music Spot - GuitarWoodhouse Restobar

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