Bougainvillea Spanish Restaurant - Real taste of Spain in Bohol

 If you are looking for REAL Spanish food, then you must visit Bougainvillea Spanish Restaurant in “Rue De Premier”, Alona. The highly-skilled Spanish owner chefs consistently serve delicious authentic Spanish dishes and the decor and ambience with their Al Fresco dining terrace, makes you feel like you could really be sitting in the Mediterranean enjoying sangria, tapas, wines and cheeses.

The seafood paella is a must-try and will leave you yearning to come back for more. The friendly personable service also has its charm, making for a memorable and flavorful dining experience. Customers travel from all over just to visit this wonderful restaurant, so check out this hidden gem and also the mouth-watering churros and basque burnt cheesecake for dessert!

Bougainvillea Spanish Restaurant is situated in the center of Alona, just a few minutes walk to the beach, so you can pair your visit with a relaxing beach stroll making a fantastic day out to enjoy with friends, family & loved ones

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Bougainvillea Spanish Restaurant - Real taste of Spain in Bohol

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