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Have you experienced Covid or had someone very close to you be in critical condition? Until it happens to you, it’s hard to understand just how serious and heartbreaking it is…  Your LIFE will depend on IF there is a hospital space, breathing equipment and medication available and IF you have money to pay for it!  Medical expenses can range anything from 200k-1.5m+!

We have collated a few notes on the common questions and concerns about Covid and general medical matters. Also, some ideas on projects, campaigns and improvements that could be explored and implemented to help improve and save the lives of both Bohol residents and visitors.

We have contacted official organizations to try and obtain all the crucial information to list on this ONE page.  It is too hard to look across different FB pages/posts and scroll to try and find the necessary info, especially when stressed in an emergency situation, we need ONE RELIABLE SOURCE.  We are donating our time for FREE for this cause as a gesture of goodwill to help in this terrible pandemic situation to help improve & support medical processes in Bohol.

The surge of Covid pneumonia is getting serious. Sadly, Bohol has a lack of resources, hospital spaces, medication and breathing equipment and we need to try and help prevent people from fatal situations. Please read about our own Covid emergency experience. If we don’t manage the situation before it gets out of control, then people will not want to visit Bohol, we need to preserve the reputation for tourism and take urgent action ASAP.


  • Educate about crucial and specific Covid & general medical information i.e. contact numbers, transport, testing, meds, FAQ’s etc. Introduce a central Bohol Info Hub FB page as it’s very hard to search recent info across many different pages and locations, mixed with other posts. Also, there are MANY unmanaged FB pages with old content, it is confusing for people to get the correct and most recent info. We need to pin the key info and resources at the top of ONE well known FB page and keep it regularly updated and all old and unmanaged FB pages should be taken down asap to avoid confusion.
  • Setup a 24/7 easy drive through testing center with a free shuttle service.  People should be able to drive through, get tested, wait for result, possibly get an xray to check severity and easily get prescribed the necessary medication and info leaflet to be able to have peace of mind to manage things at home. This model has been working very well in many other countries, so we should try to follow this.
  • Implement a safe confidential information line/message service to provide early fast access to info and needs to try to prevent critical situations #speaksafe
  • A person's life currently depends on available transport, meds, hospital space, breathing equipment etc., how can we help change this?
  • Remove the stigma, fear & judgement - many people hide things because they think they will get into trouble as nobody really practices correct social distancing.. Everyone is guilty of that because it is not taken seriously until it happens to us, but we are just humans and we are trying to live life with some normality…
  • Improve general medical and hospital processes that cause serious delays to healthcare provisions.  Private hospitals should NOT be allowed to ask for co-payment and threaten to delay/suspend patient treatment.  Suspending treatment in life threatening situations is unethical in the healthcare industry and they should not be putting patient lives at risk. 
  • Work with official bodies to create a simple, friendly, professional campaign i.e. infographic post and video to share and educate people 
  • Explore creating an ongoing project to improve general medical processes and support in Bohol i.e. confidential helpline, medical transport/runners/companion services such as those listed below. Better collaboration and consistent process across all LGU’s/bodies.
  • Save lives and help people have more confidence and peace of mind visiting Bohol #staysafebohol
  • Start a medical sponsor/crowdfunding Facebook page/group where legitimate cases can be verified and listed asking for help/donations for those in need. Appeal to the kindness and compassion of those in Bohol that have spare to give.
  • Appeal for regular business donations to help fund the project &  services, for example if a few large businesses in Bohol donated just 100 pesos each per month, this could support the project and help so many people. We can make the project cool to be part of, so organizations can display a badge and feel proud they are doing their part for the community i.e. build a brand like #greenheartbohol #bettercarebohol #healthfirstbohol #healthnheartbohol #speaksafebohol etc.


  • Where to get tested & can it be free?, how long for results, what process during and after? Need more special 24/7 centers, can we import and hire specialists for this?
  • What current transport services are there to transport suspected cases and transport patients between hospitals (not dependent of persons registered home address/barangay)?
  • URGENT Access to meds before symptoms worsen, how can people pay for meds with no money? Any medical grants, loans, gov support? What general meds are recommended for managing and preventing symptom progression? Need easier access without waiting for ages to get a prescription and risk contact/spreading to others.
  • How many spaces in each hospital, current wait lists, approx costs to expect etc. We experienced costs of approx 20k-30k per person per night. Phil Health only provides set discounts/packages, so other cover and insurance options should be explored where possible. There are international employee and family plans available online, for example this INSURANCE WITH COVID COVER
  • How can we increase the shortage of spaces and equipment?
  • Status of vaccines, how many vaccinated so far in Bohol, how can this be faster and more efficient?
  • What support from LGU specifically? Include on central FB page with list of all contacts/key info.
  • Why are people scared to come forward for help, why are they scared of contact tracing? We need to provide support and remove the stigma of this with a confidential helpline/info/message service.
  • 24/7 Medical Runners Service (for medicines and general needs and house/family checkups/deliveries)
  • 24/7 Medical Transport Tricycles -  safely transporting suspected and positive people in need
  • Medical Companion Service (vaccinated cares to help those admitted)
  • Hospital meal deliveries that can deliver to nurses stations and not be delayed at reception
  • Why does Philhealth take so long to pay Hospital, how are they supposed to continue operating quality medical services with no funds?



*We are still checking this info, need to verify correct numbers



Most hospitals offer testing, they have different timings and processes, so best to contact them directly
> Click for Hospital Contacts



> Tarsier 

> Panglao EMergency Rescue Unit (PEMRU)
09282362633 and 09633874604

> Dauis Emergency Response Unit (DERU)
0949 733 4575 (Smart) 
0915 852 7358 (Globe)

> 411BABA Tagbilaran
411-(BABA) 2222







Governor Fund



Baba Yap



*Awaiting reply from official organizations, so we can complete the answers to these.  Please email us at: for any other questions you would like answered.

> What do I do if I suspect I might have Covid?
> What do I do if I suspect someone might have Covid?
> What medicine do I need for Covid?
> Where can I get a Covid test?
> How can I get vaccinated?
> How long to wait to get vaccinated after having Covid?
> What financial support is available?
> What hospital costs to expect?
> How many Covid cases in Bohol?
> What can I do to protect from Covid?


Have a read about all the details of a REAL COVID experience in Bohol, see what people have to go through and how heartbreaking it is. Learn how you can avoid critical situations, HOSPITALS ARE FULL - Medicine is Out of Stock Breathing Equipment & ICU is Limited - YOUR LIFE DEPENDS on timing and availability!

You MUST read this so you can protect you and your family.



Covid Podcast by Top Lung & ICU Specialist



Many shops in the malls and other stores are offering vaccination discounts, you can see a few links below but you can check on the mall FB pages for recent offers.