Tamper Coffee & Brunch

TAMPER Coffee and Brunch is a place where great coffee and food meet.
Serving coffee & brunch menu all-day, there's no shortage of things to try and crave for.
TAMPER is named after the tool that baristas use to press the coffee ground before being inserted into the espresso machine. The process is called "tamping" and is a very important step in creating great coffee.
A baristas tamp is like his signature, too strong or too light, the coffee can taste differently. No machine is used to determine a perfect tamp, only the baristas trained eyes and hands decide the coffee's outcome.
This name was chosen to divert attention from all the modern gadgets and machines to the lowly and highlight the oftentimes undervalued human skills and training required to be able to produce great coffee & food.
Most of the time the output gets the most attention. It's about time the simple people behind the scenes are given a much deserved appreciation.
Come alone or come in groups. No need to get fancy because simplicity is the key.
P. Del Rosario Street, Corner CPG East Avenue, Tagbilaran City
Contact Info:
(038) 422 8551
Jan 2021