Dynamic, confident and excellent with numbers, spreadsheets, online systems, professional writing (procedures & contracts). Screenshare test will be required to show your knowledge of advanced google sheet functions, formulas and general calculations.

- To assist with varied tasks across multiple businesses including spreadsheets, staff management, invoicing, statements, bookkeeping, cost analysis, profitability workings/calculations payroll, data entry, contract writing, research, project management, email management, manage diary/appointments & reminders, monitor to do lists/deadlines
- Helpful, Chatty & Fun personality but SERIOUS with work
- EXPERT multi-tasker with methodical mathematical brain that is great with numbers, formulas, financials, analysis, comparison, costings and profitability workings
- EXTRA EXTRA accurate GREAT attention to detail hawk eyes (if you are someone that constantly misses things you are tasked to read through, then you would NOT be skilled enough for this role as this is a major requirement)
- Strong and stable mind that can produce professional quality work, following a manager's instructions & reporting specific details about tasks is a standard expectation in the working world
- Extremely organized with a great memory. Things are not missed and forgotten with
proper working habits of listing tasks
- Excellent English language (written and spoken)
- Highly confident with the strength, drive & ability to follow up MANY times
- Ability to work hard for long hours under pressure to meet urgent deadlines when needed
- Fast learner, fast thinker & fast worker, being efficient/concise is a must
- Good with processes and procedures
- Very computer savvy and able to audio type
- Positive attitude, proactive with a great initiative
- Good research and problem-solving skills
- Hardworking, highly reliable and trustworthy and eager to learn and develop new skills
- Experience with a variety of current common online systems/platforms i.e. Google Docs/Sheets/GDrive/Excel/Trello/Dropbox/CRM/CMS/Whatsapp/Slack/Skype etc.
- You will be required to stay on a CONSTANT voice call during your working shift
- You will have to action tasks by verbal instruction, using initiative and working fast
- Stable internet connection
- Knowledge of marketing & graphic design, Canva/Photoshop, websites/web industry/Shopify (advantageous but not essential)
- Flexible working schedule advantageous

To apply for this job you MUST include a short VOICE RECORDING explaining why you think you will be suitable (including something creative & unique in your voice recording will be advantageous as we are looking for special personalities). Applications with no voice note will NOT be considered.

Please apply via email to with:
- Formatted email subject as follows: SUPERSTAR JOB - Your Name Here
- Cover letter
- Voice recording
- Answers to the following questions:
A. Why should we choose you and which of the required job skills do you feel you are strongest at?
B. What are your salary requirements and why are you worth this rate?
- Write "I WILL KICK BUTTS" at the end of your application/cover letter so we know you read this entire job description and have attention to detail