Wonderful Bohol - Why Visit this Philippines Island?

Bohol is an island located in Central Visayas, Philippines, popular not only for tourists but also Filipinos from all over the country.  It’s beautiful white sand and not too commercialised beaches, outdoor activities, food destinations and unique nature experiences are one of the main reasons why it is on the list of every traveller and holidaymakers from all around the globe.

This island has so much to offer starting from it’s crystal clear beaches with bright white sands, beach resorts ranging from the affordable to a more luxury range, this indeed is for everyone.  Perfect for diving enthusiasts, you are able to explore the stunning underwater reserve, swim with turtles, do the sardine run, see the breath-taking colourful coral reefs, watch the dolphins and even jump off the cliff into the waters.

Moving on to the foodies, this wonderful island brings you the most diverse, and wide variations of cuisines from all over the world. If you fancy some very good and authentic European food, a selection of Spanish, Italian, French and so much more are available.  You can have some proper Asian cuisine from Korean samgyupsal, Sushi restaurants, Thai food, and ofcourse Filipino food, definitely a must visit.  All these for just a couple of minutes away which is brilliant if you wanna try everything!

Now unto outdoor and nature activities, for all of you adrenaline junkies, getting on the zipline and climbing up to all the waterfalls will be a very exciting experience.  Be one with nature as you explore the countryside seeing the chocolate hills, rice terraces, experience the calm rivers and get in the peaceful caves.

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Wonderful Bohol - Why Visit this Philippines Island?

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